Ultimate WordPress Mobile Redirect Plugin

The Ultimate WordPress Mobile Redirect is a WordPress plugin that detects visitors who are visiting your website from a mobile device and redirects those visitors to a mobile optimized page of your choice. This plugin uses one of the most reliable forms of detection – PHP user agent detection. Ultimate WordPress Mobile Redirect detects all the most common mobile smart phones and browsers so you don’t have to worry if you visitor is being redirected to your mobile optimized page.

Unlike most other wordpress redirect plugins, Ultimate WordPress Mobile Redirect allows you to specify a different mobile URL for every page and/or post on your WordPress site. This means if a mobile visitor is trying to view your services page, you can redirect them straight to the mobile version of your service page, rather than sending them to your mobile website homepage. This results in a much better user experience – giving you a better chance and capturing a lead/sale and you’ll no longer be penalized by Google.